The Leaven in the Council is now available for download via the links below.

Wherever possible I have endeavoured to provide links in the endnotes to references that are also online. These are up to date as of March 2021.

Many of the references to Cardijn’s writings are also available at the Joseph Cardijn Digital Library ( Others will be posted there progressively both in the original French (usually) and in English translation as these are made.

The website also hosts a range of extra resources. These include a list of archival sources, an extensive bibliography, videos of many of several people interviewed for this book as well as an index to names. It also includes a database of the bishops, priests and laypeople who comprised the “Jocist network” at Vatican II.

Despite many efforts to reduce if not eliminate errors, there are sure to be more that remain. Please let me know of others you may find, including dead links, or any other feedback you may have that will help to correct and improve any eventual future editions of this book. Email address:

Finally, thank you to my readers for your interest in this book.

Happy reading.

Stefan Gigacz

March 2021

Latest update 20/03/2021)

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