Vatican II participants (Location and date of interview)

Archbishop Bernardino Piñera, former JOC chaplain, Council Father (Santiago, Chile, 27/09/2014).

Fr John Maguire, ecclesiastical adviser to the lay auditors at Vatican II (Brisbane, Australia, 13/03/2014 and 12/06/2014).

Canon François Houtart, peritus, Schema XIII (Brussels, Belgium, 03/09/2014).

Collaborators with Cardijn

Joseph Weber, former treasurer, JOC Internationale (Strasbourg, France, 13/09/2014).

Flo Triendl, YCW leader in the USA, Belgium, South Africa, translator for Cardijn and the IYCW (Tiffin, Ohio, USA, 06/04/2012).

Rienzie Rupasinghe, former international president, JOC Internationale (Canberra, Australia, 23/03/2014).


Michael Coleman, former US YCW national president (Hoboken, NJ, USA, 21/03/2017).

Nancy Conrad, former US YCW national vice-president (Baltimore, MD, USA, 23/03/2017).

Michael Costigan, journalist for The Advocate (Sydney, Australia, 07/03/2014).

Richard Buchhorn, student in Rome (Brisbane, Australia, 14/03/2014).

Don O’Brien, former YCW leader and chaplain (Brisbane, Australia, 15/03/2014).

Archbishop Len Faulkner (Adelaide, Australia, 26/06/2014).

Fr Bob Wilkinson, former YCW/YCS chaplain (Adelaide, Australia, 23/06/2014).

Professor John Molony, former YCW chaplain (Canberra, Australia, 25/03/2014).

Bill and Anne Byrne, former lay leaders in Adelaide (Sydney, Australia, 09/06/2014).

Osvaldo Rebolledo and Mario Molina, Chilean former YCW/YCS chaplains and Osvaldo Donoso, Chilean lay leader (Talca, Chile, 29/09/2014)